February 1, 2017

Guerbet, the global specialist in contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging, announced that Methapharm will promote and distribute all Guerbet products in Canada.

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December 19, 2016
Methapharm launches CUROSURF®  in Canada.
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April 13, 2016
Methapharm is pleased to announce that it has been appointed the Canadian distributor for the Naprosyn®, Anaprox®, and Toradol® brands.
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March 21, 2016
SERB SA appoints Methapharm as Canadian distributor for CYANOKIT.
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May 20, 2014
Methapharm Appointed as Canadian Distributor of Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops.
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March 24, 2014
Methapharm is pleased to announce it has been appointed as the Canadian distributor for Lipiodol and Patent Blue V.

April 4, 2013
Methapharm is pleased to announce that it has successfully passed inspections from the State of Florida’s Division of Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics.
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March 1, 2012
Methapharm Announces Canadian Distribution of Vancocin.
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May 4, 2009
Methapharm appointed Canadian distributor for Erythrocin IV. Visit www.erythrocin.ca.
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March 16, 2009
Methapharm appointed Canadian distributor for Dantrium IV and Capsules.Visit www.dantrium.ca.
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October 21, 2008
Methapharm implements Axway’s Synchrony ePedigree solution.

March 19, 2008
Methapharm implements Lorenz docuBridge® eCTD solution.

October 1, 2007
Methapharm receives VAWD® accreditation from NABP®.

September 2006
Methapharm Opens New European Affiliate Office.

February 19, 2004
Methapharm Opens New Canadian Distribution Centre.